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Learn the importance of community outreach & financial literacy improvement through Acctng Education

Accounting and finance professionals bring a lot of their values to businesses and individuals, but there is actually a lot more we can do to help make the world a better place through community outreach and professional development. Many organizations across the world have seen the valuable impact and benefits of community service—particularly during the time of a global pandemic. Whether it's helping out a community or group in need or contributing to a cause that you or your organization is passionate about, there has never been a better time to embrace community outreach. In this episode, I had a lovely conversation with my friend, community leader, and fellow accountant Dawne Troupe.



The power of sharing information on resources, experiences, and personal passions is the power to shape a young mind. Dawne explains that since many underrepresented groups, such as first-generation students, are missing the blueprints of college (or accounting) when someone shares information with them - especially if the information is connected to how one was able to get through the trials and tribulations of the academic and professional arenas - the potential positive gain is limitless.


Dawne explains that strategically communicating can make the biggest difference in connecting with others and getting your message across. Specifically, she discusses that both employers and potential employees should be strategically communicating better. Students and potential employees should be asking important questions about what they care about - from diversity and equity to corporate social responsibility. On the other hand, the accounting profession can do a better job of keeping employees engaged by ensuring that they know how their role plays into the whole. On the whole, employees and employees can work together to be clear about expectations and roles through strategic communication.


It’s time for all students to understand that the accounting industry offers an incredible opportunity to help businesses while serving as a financial advisor and public servant. Sharing this brand of accounting is a core value that is at the heart of Dawne’s work; most recently, through her Education Symposium. Marketing accounting to students should focus on providing resources to underrepresented students who might not know about the profession. By doing so, we can better support the low numbers of underrepresented individuals in the profession over time, and help grow these numbers with empathy and strategic communication.

🎧 To learn more about the importance of community outreach and financial literacy improvement through Accounting Education here.

🎙 “Dear Accountant” podcast is a uniquely insightful and entertaining podcast for aspiring young business professionals. Each episode is packed with actionable advice to help young finance professionals get ready for whatever challenge they may face next. Aside from all of the many cool things in accounting (technical topics and trends), we bring in industry experts and influential leaders to share their journey, insights and perspectives. We will also cover topics that were not taught in school - life essential skills such as personal finance, emotional intelligence, mentorship, networking, body language and human behaviors, and so much more!

💬 About our guest, Dawne Troupe: Dawne is a native New Yorker and She is a big believer in promoting equity and diversity within communities in New York state and across the country. She is a Senior Consultant for Common Thread Strategies - a black-owned strategic communication and speechwriting firm. She also manages the Outreach and Development program at the NYSSCPA - The New York State Society of CPAs Through her work there, she strives to foster the philanthropic initiatives of the Moynihan Scholarship Fund (MSF), and to increase the reach, education, and services that the organization provides to children across the state of New York who want to pursue a career in accounting. She was also a Political Appointee in the Obama Administration. Dawne ensured the safety and upheld regulatory standards in more than 2,200 communities nationwide, in addition to conducting public records checks to vet junior and senior candidates for presidential appointments.

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