Learn the essential skills that accountants need to succeed in life and career

School taught you plenty about numbers, spreadsheets and financial systems. But what about other non-technical skills that you need to work with people and build meaningful relationships? This book shares valuable wisdom and advice from industry leaders with decades of field experience in dealing with personal and professional challenges and obstacles. Equipped with this, you'll be ready to take your career by storm.



Take a look inside with a sneak peek of the first chapter

Packed with stories from 20 accounting leaders, this book provides an insight look into the experiences and wisdom necessary to effectively navigate the world of uncertainties, career options, conflict resolution, and more.



Cecilia is a brilliant mind - one of the best in finance I have worked with. She is resourceful, innovative and is able to take something new and run with it. When she commits to a project, it is as good as done. We are so lucky to have her “the Entrepreneur CFO” as our business partner as we continue to grow and expand our business.  Her work in mentoring is admirable - I was blown away with the incredible content on every page, pushing you to think deeply about your career thus far, your personal mindset, and how to successfully navigate the accounting industry. A must-read for all aspiring accountants! 

Amos Guetta

Founder and CEO of Brener Construction


This book is designed to help you build confidence and competence to accelerate the growth of your career 

The early days of your accounting career are a steep learning curve. Don’t walk blindly; there are a host of mentors willing to illuminate the way.


Gain confidence in asking for what you want


Learn the skills to navigate resources to solve problems


Gain insights from 20 accounting and finance leaders, executives and entrepreneurs

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Featuring Stories From

2. Tom Golden.jpg
Tom Golden

 Former Forensic Accounting Partner


3. Isabel Cumming.jpg
Isabel Mercedes Cumming

Inspector General

Baltimore City

20. Andrew Ly.jpg
Andrew Ly

Founder and CEO

Sugar Bowl Bakery

12. Kimberly Taylor.jpg
Kimberly N. Ellison-Taylor

Global Technology and Finance Executive, Oracle

14. Andrew Moses.png
Andrew Moses

Business Development Executive

MorganFranklin Consulting

5. Tomoko.jpg
Tomoko Nagashima

Audit Partner


10. Shad Bien.jpeg
Shad Bien

Strategic Finance


16. Chuck Burch.jpg
Chuck Burch

President and CEO

The Burch Financial Group

8. Andrew Raftis.jpg
Andrew Raftis





Reader's Guide Companion


In this comprehensive 60+ page full color guide, you'll be able to use guiding questions, chapter summaries, andmore to help you have meaningful conversations and discussions in an individual or group setting. Feel free to use this guide before you read, as you read, or after you read.



Hi, I'm Cece

I am a CPA with two decades of global experience in accounting and finance. I have worked for prominent firms like JP Morgan, Pricewaterhousecoopers and Ernst and Young - all over the world - New York, London, Switzerland, Hong Kong and China.  Today, I train and coach young professionals and executives; as well as help growing businesses, empower them to make strategic decisions, scale up and get ready for next level opportunities and take the next leap forward


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